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Steven Sprague

Steven Sprague

Financial Advisor

A former professional firefighter, Steven relishes the opportunity to continue to help protect the lives, families and financial futures of his clients.

After 18 years of responding to emergencies as a fire and emergency first-responder, Steve has seen firsthand the necessity of taking the time to protect your loved ones and plan ahead. He is determined to help his clients be prepared for life’s unexpected emergencies.

Steve attended the University of California at Davis, where he played football while obtaining degrees in English and psychology, all while he and his wife, also a full-time student, were raising their children. A member of Rotary International for over 14 years, Steve served as fine master and received the Paul Harris Fellow Award. He has developed curriculums and grants, written and published 24 articles, and provided thousands of hours of technical, sales and medical training.

Family is extremely important to Steve. He was heavily involved in all aspects of his children’s lives when they were growing up — acting as their sports coach, room-dad, minivan driver and loud cheerleader. He is extremely proud of the adults they have become. His daughter has recently completed her doctorate, and his son has just finished his bachelor’s degree. In his free time, Steve spent many years as a Scottish games athlete and continues to be a fitness enthusiast. He can occasionally be seen performing stand-up comedy.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Steve

  1. Steve spent many years as a professional firefighter and a paramedic. He also instructed hundreds of medical professionals in advanced life saving training and even copyrighted a teaching method that makes this information easier to utilize.

  2. He is still a licensed paramedic, since 1995, and uses his experience to assist with fundraising events, teaching, and as a participant in the Flying Samaritans.

  3. Steve spent many years playing football. He played at UC Davis and is proud to be an Aggie.

  4. Steve has capitalized on his degrees in English and Psychology by publishing over twenty four different articles, the most recent was featured in Forbes.

  5. Steve has participated in a very interesting hobby for over a decade, Scottish or Highland Games. A very old sport involving wearing a kilt and throwing heavy things.

  6. Steve is a fitness nut. He keeps a strict workout schedule and over the years has participated in firefighter based challenges, obstacle races and helped host a free fitness boot camp.

  7. Steve has another hobby that is somewhat unique, that of stand up comedy. He has spent years MC’ing multiple events, hosting TV shows, providing color commentary for local televised football games and hosting comedy shows.

  8. He is very proud of his two adult children, a daughter that has completed her PhD and son who completed his bachelors. He is most proud of the wonderful humans they have grown to be.

  9. Steve has been a member of Rotary for 20 years. During this time he has been a part of countless community service projects and has served as the finemaster for many of those years.

  10. Steve loves to spend time in the kitchen. He even filmed two pilots for a cooking show.

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