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Obeth Davila

Obeth Davila

Life and Health Agent

Obeth is passionate about helping his clients keep and grow what they’ve worked hard to obtain. His goal is to help them create financial confidence in this complex retirement landscape.

After excelling in the hospitality business and leading teams in the automobile industry, Obeth decided to switch from selling to his customers to helping business owners and employees protect their income and assets.

Obeth’s approach is based on understanding his clients’ needs and how they envision their future. Keeping those needs in mind, he tailors strategies based on their priorities, timelines and future goals.

Obeth holds life insurance licenses in California and Washington. As an independent financial professional, he feels confident in providing products that best fit his clients’ needs and objectives. He studied business at Lake Tahoe Community College and American River College and obtained a degree in global business management from the University of Phoenix.

Obeth is a traveler who visited, studied and lived abroad before finally rooting himself in Rocklin, California. He and his lovely wife, Leah, have four boys: Obie, Noah, Otto and Massimo. When he’s not in the office, Obeth loves cooking and entertaining, improving his CrossFit game, and trying to keep up with his children’s activities in baseball and basketball.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Obeth

  1. Obeth moved to the US from Mexico when he was 16 without knowing any English. He immersed himself in the American culture and within a year Obeth was fluent in English and attending regular classes.

  2. He is an absolute “foodie” and will show his love to his family and friends through his cooking.

  3. Obeth just discovered Birkenstocks this year, and can’t take them off when he is at home.

  4. Obeth is the first one to graduate college in his family.

  5. Obeth’s hair and eyes are dark brown but his youngest son is a light strawberry blond with bright blue eyes.

  6. He has always believed that he had mostly Mexican heritage, but in 2016 Obeth learned he is a combination of a lot of different things. (Mexican, Spanish, Irish, British, Scottish, Jewish, Black, South American), what a surprise!

  7. Obeth and his wife Leah were blessed to be able to visit her family in England for two weeks right before the pandemic started.

  8. Obeth has a 25 year old daughter in the Navy.

  9. Obeth went skydiving with his daughter Genevieve right before she joined the Navy.

  10. Although 2020 was a whirlwind for many including himself, 2021 WILL be the best mentally, physically, and financially.

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